We offer an inclusive price for microsurgical vasectomy reversal which includes: baby
  • All hospital charges (including private room and all nursing care
  • Initial telephone consultation as part of "one stop" service
  • Theatre time and usage of operating microscope
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Treatment of any complications

The Vasectomy Reversal UK price is just £2499.  We aim to be competitive without compromising on quality of care. If you think you've seen an equivalent service offered for a better price, then let us know!

With such a wide variety of prices quoted by various vasectomy reversal clinics around the UK, it can be hard to know who to choose. John Lemberger has worked hard to negotiate highly competitive hospital charges and other costs, so he can minimise the overall fee to you, the patient, without compromising on the quality of service.

We no longer include post-op semen analysis in our price: so many patients travel from far and wide to have their vasectomy reversal with John Lemberger and most cannot have their semen test done here in Nottingham as they live too far away. We have therefore reduced our price to you so you can have your semen test done near where you live without being out of pocket. Of course, we'd be very happy to organise a semen test for you if you wish. This will be undertaken by CARE at their facility close to Junction 26 of the M1.

Free telephone consultation

We offer patients a FREE telephone consultation with Mr Lemberger with no obligation.

If you prefer, we can arrange a consultation with Mr Lemberger at The Park hospital. The cost for a face-to-face consultation is £125, which is a £50 reduction on the standard consultation fee.


Other Services

John Lemberger can arrange for sperm retrieval and sperm banking (cryo-storage) for you at a cost of £650 (for 3 years' storage). This can be used for future IVF treatment and ICSI if needed.

For further details about sperm saving and the costs, please visit CARE, the embryology and fertility specialists who do the sperm saves with us.

How can I pay?

The vasectomy reversal fees can be paid by credit cards, cash or cheque.

Note: The account must be paid one week before the operation

The BMI Park Hospital Payment Plan helps to spread the payments if required. This needs to be opened prior to the booking of the vasectomy reversal (please call 0115 966 2112 for details). The plan starts with a six month period of 0% finance after which the remaining balance incurrs a 9.9% APR. Click here to download an application form from the BMI website.


For further information please call Larissa on
07536 040442
Alternatively email us via our contact-us details